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Herb Tea Bag

Herb Tea Bag
Herb Tea Bag

Herbal tea has been used since ancient times to help increase the therapeutic effect of Chinese medicine. We have carefully selected high-quality herbs and designed different types of herbal tea to help improve the result of our treatments, and help the average people maintain good health. The tea can be consumed on a daily basis to achieve maximum effect. The types of youngQi herbal tea we are currently offering include:


youngQi Qi Tea
youngQi Qi Tea is made from chrysanthemum, astragalus, goji, white pine nuts, and other similar ingredients. It calms excessive heat, soothes the nerves, and has a gentle laxative effect. This is an effective tea for all types of people as it can aid digestion, sleep and energy levels.
youngQi Cholesterol Lowering Diet Tea
It contains chrysanthemum, lotus leaf, cassia seed, and other ingredients. It can help improve eyesight, support the liver, lower blood pressure, and bowel health. This variety is suitable for those who have high cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure, and can effectively lower all three while promoting digestion and weight loss.
Sleepytime Tea
It contains roses, sour dates, cyperus rotundus, and other ingredients. It helps liver qi and improves qi flow, and calms the nerves as well as promoting sleep. This tea is suitable for the working individual who has trouble sleeping or has poor sleep quality as a sleep aid or to help soothe and calm the nerves.