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What’s special about Classical Chinese Medicine?

The classical books on Chinese Medicine were all published about 2 millennia ago. All schools of Chinese Medicine since then have followed the basic principles of Classical Chinese Medicine but expanded upon certain areas. Chinese Medicine uses visible and discernible indicators from your daily life to define your health, without requiring you to undergo invasive and expensive procedures. Classical Chinese Medicine emphasizes the balancing of all the body functions to maintain health, complimenting the Western medicine approach, which focuses on individual organs. Chinese Medicine tracks down the root cause of your health issues rather than treating the symptoms. By identifying key areas to watch carefully, you can begin to improve your health and body from the inside out. Treating only symptoms with drugs or extreme diets can sometimes cause or exacerbate other conditions; by treating the root cause, Chinese Medicine can help alleviate all symptoms in a natural and healthy way.

How to prepare for my first visit at youngQi clinic?

  • Bring your ID and insurance card. If the patient is a minor, he or she needs to be accompanied by a legal guardian.

  • Fill out youngQi New Patient Registration packet , and bring the completed forms to the clinic.

  • Please pay attention to your daily life patterns such as your urine color, bowel movement, etc.

  • On the day of your appointment, please avoid brushing your tongue (brushing your teeth is fine) and avoid applying makeup. This will aid the practitioner in observing and diagnosing your health condition.
  • Do you accept insurance? How do you charge?

    Yes, youngQi does take PPO insurance. Since youngQi is out-of-network, the patient will be charged directly for the 1st visit, and reimbursed after youngQi receives payment from their insurance. Please call our clinic at (650)917-2355 for our pricing information.

    How soon should I expect to see effects after a clinic visit?

    It depends on the individual’s medical condition. It can be as quickly as a few days or can take up to a month. Consult with your Chinese Medicine practitioner at youngQi for details.

    What other medical approaches besides acupuncture is offered? What if I’m afraid of needles?

    Contrary to the pain from injection needle of western medicine, there is only a minor sensation when acupuncture needle penetrates the skin and no bleeding when retrieving the needle in most cases. At youngQi, acupuncture is one of the ways to treat patients. Other availabe forms of effective treatments include herbs (including herb powder),  moxa (local heat treatment with herbs), and cupping. If acupuncture cannot be applied due to a patient’s concern, other non-intrusive treatment can be used instead.

    What is the quality of the herbs provided by youngQi? How should I prepare herb soups?

    youngQi has its own in-house herb room in order to ensure a good overall quality control over every step of the treatment process. One may find the same kind of herbs in a supermarket at lower price, but those tend to be food-grade rather than pharmaceutical-grade, thus may not provide a medicinal effect. youngQi herbs are assembled in a large teabag with easy-to-follow instructions. The patient simply boils the herb bag in a pot for a certain time as instructed. When the soup is ready, the herb bag is removed just like a tea bag.  It’s simple, clean, and easy.

    Why do you also use herb powders? What are the pros and cons versus the actual herb?

    The herb powders offered by youngQi are of the top quality. The most obvious advantage is that herb powder is very convenient and easy to use, especially on travel occasions. It is also easier to give to young children than herb soup. But it may take a bit longer to see the effects than the whole herb.

    All the herb powders offered by youngQi are FDA approved. Be careful when you buy herb powders from an unknown source.