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Holy Grail vs. Ugly Duckling

Holy Grail vs. Ugly Duckling Author: Dr. Andy Lee        Edited by Lan Lin A young Stanford dropout, Elizabeth Holmes, spent her last 10 years fulfilling her ambition of developing an easier way for blood testing. Her company, Thenaros, claimed to have developed a blood-testing device using only a few drops of finger-pricked blood samples to test more than 200 items at 1/10 of traditional costs. The company raised more than $400 million dollars from investors with a lofty $9 billion valuation i...
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From Cupping, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence to Obama Care

From Cupping, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence to Obama Care By Dr. Andy Lee 09/15/2016         Edited by Lan Lin In the just-concluded Rio Olympic Games, the odd circular marks on Michael Phelps’s shoulder made just as many splashes as he did in the water. Thanks to Michael, cupping therapy, an ancient Chinese healing method, becomes a fad that every one talks about. As a Chinese Medicine practitioner myself, I had mixed feelings. The prevailing medical opinions cast doubts on the scientif...
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Why Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine
The earliest compilation of Traditional Chinese Medicine theory is the Yellow Emperor's Inner Canon, written around the 1st century BCE. Unlike many of the earlier medical works in China, the Inner Canon based its theories on the relationship and interactions between the body, its environment, and the cosmos as potential causes of disease and illness, rather than magic and spirits. However, Chinese Medicine does not focus directly on anatomical structures or even a specific organ's function,...
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About youngQi

[rev_slider Slider1]   youngQi clinic is led by Andy Lee, L.Ac, PhD EE Stanford, MBA UC Berkeley. He was the most recognized apprentice of the renowned Classical Chinese Medicine master Ni Hai-Hsia. youngQi physicians offer patients root cause diagnosis, followed by a treatment plan that includes acupuncture, herbal medicine, and lifestyle recommendations. Our team consists of experienced Chinese Medicine practitioners who specialize in many different conditions, from simple ...
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